May 01, 2008

21st Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans: Who Do You Love?

Welcome to the 21st Edition of the Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans. We're glad to include some new voices this time as well as some old favorites.

Props to Uncool, host of the 53rd Carnival of the Feminists, for clever use of alphabetization as a carnival organizing technique. It's not as lush as the technique we used last time, which was to spend 1.2 million hours organizing by theme and including long quotes and pictures, but doing it this way meant we could actually get it done!

So here we go...


Alan Kistler at Alan Kistler's Universe gives his thoughts on women in Marvel.

Mana G takes a look at Stargate: Atlantis - Gender, Race, and Teyla's Baby at All Mirth and No Matter.

Niall at All Things Uncertain gives a very favorable review to Jeanette Winterson's The Stone Gods.


Announcement: Cerise is looking for interviewers.


Dollymix asks Do Video Games Need More Naked People? If Skye had written that post, she wouldn't have been able to say "Thanks" to Kotaku without adding "for totally missing the point, you morons."


Naamen talks about The Fantasy of Rape: The Use of Rape as a Catalyst on Female Protagonists in SF/F at Feminist SF - The Blog!

Shannan takes on the problems of race and gender in Torchwood at Feminist SF - The Blog!


okelle at Garden of Words has some media recommendations.


Hathor Legacy's Revena tells us about Nim's (almost awesome) island.

Patrick at The Hathor Legacy gives an introduction to Justice League.


Ink-Stained Amazon Jennifer introduces The Sarah Jane Adventures and discusses the issue of powerful women being mentored by men.

Rhonda Jones, the Independent Author, Grace - Chapter 1: Bad Cargo. (We ask you, what's not to love about a blog with the tagline "Humor. Guns. Spaceships. Freedom."?)


nenena at Little Iron loves Wonder Woman, loves Shadow Hunter, and had a complete freak-out about Sakura Taisen, which "features one of the greatest casts of kick-ass women ever featured in a combined video game/anime/manga/novel/stage musical franchise."

LesbiaNation give us their Top 10 Women of Sci-Fi.


Kylie at PodBlack Blog gets our attention with a post titled From 'Bimbos' To Books And Wonder Women.


Filed under S for Shameless Self-Promotion: Grace loves on Firefly and Serenity here at Heroine Content.


The 2007 Tiptree Award for "gender-exploring science fiction" was announced this month! Congratulations to all the nominees and to winner Sarah Hall for The Carhullan Army (Daughters of the North)!


Katie King at Women, Art and Culture discusses the history of women in science fiction.

Naamen makes his second appearance in the Carnival with Female Protagonists and Why I Connect With Them Across Gender Lines posted at Words From The Center, Words From The Edge. Some good discussion of both gender and race in this one.

In Conclusion

The location of the next Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans is as yet unknown, but keep your eyes peeled!


Glad to have inspired your layout! Shortcuts are for winners. ;)
Great round-up, btw!

Wooo, carnival! Thanks for doing this - I'm off to go read. :-D

Great carnival!

Oh wow, what a fantastic carnival! (And eeeeeeek, I didn't think that you would link that much of my stuff, holy crap!) Anyway, I'll be reading all of this for a while. Thank you!

Wow! Awesome Carnival! I'm honored to have been included among so many incredible articles! So far I've only had the chance to read a few, but I fully intend to get through them all!



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