March 09, 2009

Angel of Death

Have you missed me?

More importantly, have you missed Zoë Bell?

If yes, miss either of us no more--you can see Zoë in cartoonist Ed Brubaker's Crackle live action series, Angel of Death. And you can see me right here, reviewing it.

Angel of Death is an Internet-only series of 10 7-minute live action episodes. It started last Monday with a new episode each day, and continues through this week with. As of this Friday, March 13, all ten episodes will be up. So, my thoughts on it only pertain to the first five parts.

In the show, Eve (Bell) is an assassin. She's quickly shown to be cold, efficient, and badass. Killing people doesn't keep her up at night and she has no emotional attachments. This all changes, however, when she suffers a traumatic injury on the job (an amazingly gory knife to the skull) and starts seeing visions of people she's killed. These visions compel her to take out the boss she's been killing for, and, of course, chaos ensues.

The strong point here isn't the predictable plot or the low budget film making. This is a live action comic book, and it watches like one. Five episodes in I don't care at all about the characters and there have been moments during which I have had to cringe with the incredible corniness of it all. However, there is one very strong point--Bell herself. This is her show, and she carries it wonderfully. She rocks in every single episode, even when all she's supposed to be doing is recovering from her wound. She kicks, shoots, punches, and swears like a sailor. Angel of Death doesn't ask much of her as an actress, relying instead on her strength as a stuntwoman, and it's candy for the Zoë Bell fan.

I will definitely be watching the rest of the episodes as they are released this week, and I think you should too.


I would really like to watch this - however it no longer seems to be on the site.. or I just suck at finding things



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