July 03, 2009

Slightly New Look

I just updated the Heroine Content template to have three columns, for possibly evil plans as yet unformulated. I'm going to keep tweaking over the weekend, but if you see any rough edges right off the bat, please do let me know.


And I do apologize if 15 posts now show up in your feed reader. I am so bad at avoiding that when I do these things.


OOOOOH! Look at all the pretty colors! Ok, pretty color :p

I like the new layout guys! I especially like the more detailed breakdown of the different things you review. Of course now I am dying to figure out what the extra column will be for. Perhaps ads so you guys can make some money? Maybe room for award(s)? A new store where we can purchase HC merchandise? Photos of you guys in action mode? :p

The only thing I miss, which you still could be working on, is the recent posts section. When there are comments about 1st page movies, those are pretty easy to find. But every now and again, someone will post about a movie you reviewed ages ago.

Keep up the great work!

Haha! 15 posts did, indeed, show up in my feed reader, and I was so excited! Oh well. I took it as an opportunity to re-read them. You guys do great stuff.

Looking forward to the possibly evil plans as yet unformulated!



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