January 19, 2010

So Here's A Question for Y'all

While everyone's busy tearing up Book of Eli, one of the comments did bring something to mind.

In our reviews, would it be necessary / appropriate / appreciated that if there is a scene involving sexual violence, for us to disclose that in our review?

In both Watchmen and Book of Eli, I have not commented on those scenes because for various reasons they weren't major factors in forming my overall opinion of the films. However I'm finally starting to catch the clue train here, several years late, and realize that this may be information that our readers would want to know before they watch a film based on our recommendation. If anyone actually does that.



Yes, definitely.


I haven't noticed this as a fault in your reviews, but yes I would appreciate a warning about any scenes of sexual violence. This doesn't mean I won't watch the film in question, but I don't like to experience that kind of material unexpectedly.

I'm in agreement with Tea Drinker. Perhaps a trigger warning in the post itself before a discussion of relevant scences would be nice, too.



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