August 19, 2010

What Skye and Grace look like (and a 4th blog anniversary thank you)

Just after Heroine Content turned four a couple of weeks ago, Grace and I attended BlogHer '10 in New York City and had a fabulous time. This photo was taken by our good friend Angelina of Stitch and Boots and is used here with permission. Skye is on the left, Grace is on the right.

One of the highlights of our trip was spending some time with a woman who has contributed a great deal to both of us and to this blog. We had never met her before, and we still don't know her name (at least not the one on her driver's license), but we were both inspired by the time we spent with her.

So many people have contributed time and energy to this blog, which both Grace and I feel is an amazing gift. We have learned so much over the past four years because writing this blog and reading your comments has pushed us to learn more about privilege, oppression, and culture. Even the folks who have commented only to tell us that we're incompetent at feminism, anti-racism, or both, have done us a valuable service. They could have just rolled their eyes and clicked away. Instead, they chose to take a few minutes out of their day to educate and challenge us even when it wasn't their responsibility.

So to our BlogHer Sunday breakfast companion, and to everyone who has read, commented, or somehow shared this blog with people you know:

This blog would not be what it is without everyone who has participated in the last four years.

Thank you.


For an action film website, this photo has a distinct lack of guns, knives or at least karate chops and ninja kicks. At least Grace's top is blood-colored. :)

Patrick, we had to fly to NYC. Have you been through airport security lately? Guns or knives have to be checked in your luggage, and we didn't have room because of all the makeup Grace brought.


Would that stop a badass action heroine? Of course not.

On the other hand, just because we can't see the guns and knives doesn't mean you've not just identified the 102nd way you could kill an opponent with the salt shaker.



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