November 23, 2010

What blogs should we be reading?

What's chock full of anti-oppression pop culture analysis awesomeness, or just awesomeness in general?

We've got some of our fellow travelers in the blogroll in the sidebar. What else, though?

(We're especially ignorant of the wide worlds of LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, so recs over there are especially welcome.)


It seems like you have all my favorite anti-oppression pop culture analysis awesomeness in your blogroll already.

I read a handful of generally feminist-friendly blogs about film, science and comics.

Geek Feminism is a group blog that tackles geek feminist issues like harassment at conferences, has regular, large linkspams that are full of geeky goodness and has a regular Wednesday feature on female geeks (scientists, artists, et cetera) which gives short biographies of women who haven't received the recognition they deserve.

Comics Worth Reading is run by a married couple (though it's mostly the wife's project) with decades of experience in the comics industry. Postings can be divided into two categories: reviews (movies, DVDs/Blu-rays, comics, manga) and commentary on the industry. Johanna Draper-Carlson, the main author, writes a fair bit about sexism in comics, and she reviews a mix of manga, mainstream comics and independent comics that deal well with female characters. She also does a great job of bringing attention to comics created by women.

Acephalous is written by Scott Eric Kaufman, a recent Ph.D. in English who is working on a book on Visual Rhetoric. He blogs about a variety of things, but my favorite posts are basically short, online lectures about film or comics. This one, for example, talks about the techniques used to reduce people (specifically, a woman) to merely a body - and the reverse, how the the film version elevated the mere body that was in the comic into an actual character.

And I'll add in my blog, little as it is. Taking it Outside blends theory and practice, generally by looking at a single aspect of a specific work (nationalism in NCIS: Los Angeles, the question of purity in Japanese jazz and reggae) or by analyzing trends in industry (the role of adjunct labour in academia versus manga adaptation). I study Japanese animation, so the blog covers that, but also film, television, comics and literature from all over the world.

Not a feminist blog per se, but a good blog about movies and box office results, with a bit of a feminist spin, is Mendelson's Memos. I think you may have linked to an article there at some point or another.

Inclusive Geeks is an LJ community (not a blog) that has some pretty good discussion of nerdy anti-oppression stuffs:



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