November 06, 2010

What new releases should we be watching?

I was touching base with Grace a few weeks ago about upcoming films, thinking I was in the know on all the Heroine Content prospects for the next few months. She quickly disabused me of that notion by listing off half a dozen films she was looking forward to reviewing for the blog. So here is our fall 2010 and 2011 schedule so far. If we've missed anything, can you let us know? If I'm missing big budget films, I must be missing smaller films too. I'm not sure where to go for info on those, so tips on that are welcome as well.

Keep in mind that we often pencil things in hoping there will be sufficient Heroine Content for a review, but end up sadly disappointed a la Surrogates.

Fall 2010



i'm crazy looking forward to The Debt. sam worthington I can do without, but the grown up cast? fantastic.

Sucker Punch should probably be on your list too. It comes out in March.

I'm a little twitchy on Sucker Punch, honestly. I'm not sure how it could avoid being exploitative of women and demeaning to people with mental health issues. While I do watch some films for this blog knowing ahead of time that they're going to be appalling, this one may be beyond my ability to tolerate.

Sucker punch ist going to be horrible on all accounts, I fear.

What about Skyline, Megamind and Unstoppable? Only Megamind's commercials have put a female character in a leading role as far as I can see, but I'm always ready to be surprised on that count. Megamind, in particular, I'm curious to see how you would consider the character of Megamind. (Does being blue and having a giant head make him count as a minority for your purposes? You could argue that the colouring is just a stand-in that allows kids to substitute whatever about themselves they feel sets them apart from other kids.)

It's not an action film at all, but if any of you happen to see Morning Glory I'd be interested in your take on it. Harrison Ford is a fantastic actor whom I will always love, but the ads for it seemed unusually careful about focusing on him, Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton equally, and Rachel McAdams has the first byline.

I'm really looking forward to Sucker Punch...from what I'm getting out of pre-release stuff, it doesn't seem like it'll be demeaning to people with mental health issues. I mean, yeah they're all locked away in a mental institution, but since they're all women that are being locked away as "crazy" but aren't really being depicted to the audience as crazy in any way, I'm gonna assume (for now) there's an implication of feminism in there (i.e. men suppressing women and labeling them as "crazy" or something).

Who knows, though.



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