September 20, 2011

Heroine Content Turns Five (and does a giveaway)

It's probably obvious by now that Heroine Content has taken a little late summer break. Between our work schedules, summer traveling, and that "life" thing, it's just been busy. We even missed our own birthday a month ago! So here's a quick post to say hey, now we are five. If there is a kindergarten for anti-oppression pop culture analysis, please let us know. We will show up bright and early with our backpacks and crayons.

Whatever amount of awesome this blog has achieved, 98% of that is due to y'all. Thank you so much for showing up, reading, commenting, being passionate about the films and the issues, and especially for calling us out when we screw up. We are incredibly fortunate to have found you.

And if anyone would like to win a pass to Geek Girl Con, which is being held in Seattle on October 8th and 9th, please comment below. You can enter until we close comments on this post on Wednesday, September 28th at about 6pm CST. We'll pick two winners on the evening of the 28th. If we draw your name, we'll email you that night, and we need to hear back within 72 hours or we'll need to pick someone else.

One comment per person, please. If you know someone who might want to enter but who doesn't read our blog, feel free to let them know, but otherwise there's no need to broadcast this on Twitter or elsewhere. It's a very chill giveaway.



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